Clutter Vs Productivity – The Eternal Battle


Productivity at work is not something that gets achieved by working through the clutter. Offices can be quite the messy places, and that works against people who dwell there. The knack of doing office work lies in a concentrated and productive spell that never really works if one thing is continuously near you: clutter. The universal rule that can be applied to every single office is more clutter, less work. Say goodbye to the clutter around the office or do less when you want to do more. It is that simple, so make sure you do your office clearance as soon as possible before venturing to work.

Anarchy at the Desk, Anarchy in the Mind – to do proper work, you need to be concentrated. However, miss one day of rubbish removal and you get distracted by what you do all day. Think about it. Most of the office work consists of writing or organizing documents. All that requires one to be focused. One thing that will ruin the mind’s focus is precisely clutter. A full wastebasket will annoy you every time you have to throw something out. A cluttered desk will always get in the way when you want to find something. And then there is the constant kicking of Xerox paper when you are trying to circle the desk. Find peace in your mind by doing some waste clearance around the office and then some organizing on it.

Less Clutter, More Flow – one thing that provides a lot of productivity is the flow of work. When you are ‘in the zone’, as they say, you are doing excellent and constant work. But just one hiccup and you go back to square one. You have to get refocused all over again and start over. That one step back can come from searching for items through a pile of papers, kicking the bin, rummaging through drawers or being distracted by the clutter on the desk. It can come from anywhere, so do your office rubbish removal on time, before work so that you don’t get that slip when you least need it.

Make More Stretching Space – office work also includes a lot of sitting down for hours and hours. What helps this condition is the ability to move some limbs now and then. Make sure you get that option by providing yourself with enough waste removal around the desk. That way you get more space to stretch a leg when you want to find that perfect position to work in. Do try not to kick that wastebasket, of course. That means getting rid of it, and then more workflow disruptions will ensue.

Make space for your work as well as your thoughts. It has been proved that more clutter around you affect the mind negatively, and that gets in the way of actual work. If you don’t have the time for it, then employ a good rubbish removal company, and they will take care of it for you. You will have your space and your workflow back in no time.





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